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Water Damage

Water Damage

Why is it important to pay attention to the cualking in your shower? Because little becomes big. As the caulking in your shower ages it cracks and breaks loose from the seam area. This allows water to get behind the tiles. Not right away but eventually that water will soak loosen the tile's bond with the backing material and saturate it with water.

When it gets to that point we have to remove all the loose tiles plus as many tiles as needed to expose a wall stud. This allows us to install new backing material then reinstall the tiles. Once the tiles are reset we regrout the affected area. Often times we will also regrout the entire shower so that it looks brand new. We then install a bead of high grade silicone caulking throughout the entire shower.

Though the caulking and grout are brand new - it doesn't mean your worries are over. Caulking is not meant to be there forever. It has a life ot 2-3 years before you will start to notice significate mold growth bond deterioration in the seams. When you notice this make sure to have the caulking removed and replaced. This short term expense will save a lot of work, money and headache years down the line.

By Josh 6-6-2017

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