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Best Natural Stone to Put Outside

Best Natural Stone to Put Outside

When it comes to the heat it can make you hop quickly across the floor that has the sun beating on it. Homeowners, HOA’s, and businesses across the Colorado have pools. If you’re going to build a swimming pool you might be trying to decide what kind of material you want surrounding the pool. With a plethora of options, it can be hard to decide. Concrete is an option but what if you want something to add to the beauty of that space? Stone Restoration Works wants to help you choose the best natural stone around your pool that will also stay cool.

There are so many different natural stones that it can be difficult to figure which is going to be the best. Here is a breakdown of the best stone options around a pool:

Limestone: This is a great option for outdoor use since it is light in color. Another upside to this stone is the fact that it is strong no matter how it’s cut. Even with the sun beating down on it in the middle of the day, it will still prove to be cool.

Travertine: Travertine is very similar to limestone due to its durability and choices of a lighter color pallet. You can even place brown travertine with the same desired results.

Granite: This is a popular stone due to its patterns but for it to have a cooling effect on your feet it needs to be a lighter color.

Quartzite: Quartzite can be a great option around swimming pools since it is light in color and can cause a great grip for when the surface is wet.

Here are some options that could work for around the pool but aren’t ideal:

Sandstone: Although light in color it can be very soft causing the wear and tear to not be so great.

Marble: While it is light in color it requires a bit of maintenance.

Bluestone: This is exactly as it sounds, stone that is blue. The dark color makes it an uncomely choice for external use.

If you already have a stone around your pool and need some repairs done, then give us a call today! We don’t just repair natural stone outside the home, but we also repair and restore natural stone inside your home as well. We want to help make your home look as beautiful as the day your natural stone installed. Fill out our online request form for a free home estimate!

By Stone Restoration Works 7-17-2019