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How to Protect Your Stone Flooring This Winter

How to Protect Your Stone Flooring This Winter

Stone Restoration Works understands the issues Winter weather can pose to your natural stone flooring. We want to help set you up for success for the coming months by highlighting some key ways you can keep your stone flooring in excellent condition despite any nasty weather.

Remove Your Shoes

Your shoes take you many places and along the route to these places your shoes pick up a lot of gunk. Other than being gross, this gunk does not get along well with your natural stone floors. Things that are commonly brought in by your shoes, like dirt and salt, can prove corrosive and can leave unwanted etching on your stone. A simple solution would be to make a habit of taking your shoes off in the entryway. If you are having guests over, do not be shy about asking them to remove their shoes as well!

Pro Tip: Try keeping warm socks handy for those of your guests whose feet are prone to getting cold. You will be protecting your natural stone as well as being hospitable to your guests at the same time.

Add Rugs

If you would rather not ask your friends to remove their shoes when they come over, try placing mats on both sides of your door to allow people to wipe their feet thoroughly before entering the main part of the house. If weather is especially yucky, you may want to consider having a few seasonal rugs on hand. During snowy weather, you can break them out to give your floors added protection.

Clean Carefully

As was mentioned, salt and dirt can cause etching and scratching on your stone floors. In order to prevent damage to your flooring, gently sweep away any debris before mopping.

When you properly care for and protect your natural stone surfaces, they will last you ages! If, however, you have noticed your stone is dull or has sustained unsightly scratches, be sure to call Stone Restoration Works today. Our technicians use only quality products and the best equipment to clean and polish your stone. Let us help you restore your natural stone back to its original beauty!

By Stone Restoration Works 11-18-2019