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Introducing Captain Marble

Introducing Captain Marble

Helen Marmol lived and worked in museums. She specialized in the cleaning and restoration of historic stone artifacts. From Neolithic stone tools and stone sarcophagi of ancient cultures to Renaissance sculptures. She was the world’s preeminent stone art historian. She was happy. Content in her anonymity working in basements readying histories carved in stone for public consumption.

Until one fateful night, her work on an ancient stone figure transformed her into something more.

The piece was not unusual because of where it came from. She worked on thousands of pieces from ancient cultures uncovered in the mountains of South America. Many of which looked exactly like the smooth green blue polished head of this ancient idol.

What made this one unique was that unlike the rest it was not made of local stone. It didn’t share the grey speckled appearance of idols carved from local stone. It shimmered grey-blue in the artificial light of her lab. The figurehead seemed to both transmit and shield light simultaneously.

As with all her pieces, she started by cleaning it and preparing it for final detailing when she noticed an anomaly in its left eye. The right eye was smooth and round with no pupil carved in its center. The left had a square depression inside a perfect circle carved in its center.

Staring at the carved pupil she couldn’t shake the feeling that it was more than just a detail carved in the blue-green stone of the rock. She grabbed the small flat screwdriver she kept on her workbench gently slid it into the small depression of the pupil and turned it like a screw.

A light green light exploded from the piece and imbued Helen with the ability to manipulate stone. Since that time she has used her powers to bring natural stone back from the brink of abandonment as Captain Marble!

By Josh Huseby 8-5-2016