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How to Fight Etching

How to Fight Etching

If you have natural stone in your home, which you most likely do, surely you want to keep it looking as nice as possible. Although natural stone is tough, it does have one major archnemesis: etching. Perhaps you have noticed it especially on your kitchen countertop. Perhaps the etching is so bad that it has left an indent! What causes this etching and what can you do about it? Allow our experts at Stone Restoration Works to explain.

In order to defeat etching, you need to know what it exactly is. Etching is essentially the erosion of calcareous minerals. Trace amounts of acid sensitive minerals can be present in stones like granite, for example. When exposed to liquid acids, a chemical reaction occurs to your natural stone that can result in mild or severe erosions. When not looked at too closely, these etches can simply appear as dull stains. So, what can you do?

Acids are the main contributor to etching. Which acids should you be most careful of? Some of the most damaging acidic substances include lemon juice, wine, and vinegar. In addition, some common household cleaners can be incredibly acidic. So, be careful of which products you choose to clean your natural stone with. Especially when it comes to stone in your kitchen, if you happen to spill any of these things, be sure to clean them up as soon as possible. Etching can happen incredibly fast, so it best to not risk allowing it to sit. When cutting acidic fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and pineapples, always use a cutting board.

Now while some people may like the homey, “lived-in” look that etches can contribute to, if you are not one of them, there are kits you can purchase to help remove them. For shallow etches you can buy polishing powders that you mix with a little bit of water. Once this has formed a sort of paste, work it into the etches using a soft cloth.

For larger etches, you really need to hire a professional. Stone Restoration Works is comprised of Italian trained professionals. Not only can we repair your natural stone, but we can make sure it is protected in the future with our special coating. MORE AntiEtch is a durable UV cure, low visibility, super thin transparent coating that completely prevents all staining agents and caustic chemicals from coming into contact with your natural stone surfaces. It is superior to other highly defensive coatings especially in how aesthetically appealing it is. Most other protective coatings add such a thick layer to your stone that the look and finish looks completely different from what you had originally. This is not the case with our MORE AntiEtch solution. Call us today to receive a free evaluation!

By Stone Restoration Works 12-16-2019