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Steamer and Covid-19

Here at Stone Restoration Works, we have heard a number of concerns due to the Coronavirus that is sweeping through the nation. Colorado is among the states that have a higher amount of cases per the CDC. This would be concerning for anyone especially if you have a generational family in the household. We ourselves are a family-owned and operated business. So, you can be assured this is of concern to us. In light of this, we want to inform you not just of what we are doing as a company but also what we are able to do in helping you stay safe in your home.

As a company, we are taking every precaution possible in order to not catch COVID-19. This means you can count on us sanitizing everything in our place of work and ourselves when out on the job and in public. The CDC has put out very specific instructions on how to ensure one does not catch it or spread the virus. We are making every effort to follow such guidelines. We never want to endanger our technicians, nor our customers.

Our work typically is all about cleaning and restoring natural stone whether that be your flooring, countertops, shower, or elsewhere. What you may not know is that our machines aren’t just cleaning it and making it look brand new, but we are disinfecting it. The type of machine that we use is called Steam Vapor with TANCS. It works primarily by spraying pressurized steamed out of a nozzle that has a nylon brush attached to the end of it. There have been studies done on how effective it is against the viruses that are harder to kill. In these tests they looked to see how the Human Coronavirus 229E and harder-to-kill viruses, like Canine Parvovirus stood up against our machine. We are happy to say that the first virus mentioned was killed in a matter of 3 seconds. While the other harder-kill-viruses were killed in just 7 seconds. Meaning that our steam cleaning process kills these viruses where used.

We are proud to get to help homeowners stay safe from COVID-19 by helping to disinfect their home. You may be thinking that you are able to disinfect your home just fine with the cleaners you have. The truth is that many don’t know that for them to be effective, the cleaner has to sit there for a couple of minutes in order to kill viruses. This means that the majority of homes aren’t as clean as you think they are. It is better to take the extra precaution and give us a call today or fill out our online request form. We are happy to help make sure your home is clean and disinfected!

By Stone Restoration Works 3-19-2020