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How to Clean Natural Stone Showers

How to Clean Natural Stone Showers

As the Denver area’s finest natural stone restoration specialists, we are fans of upgrading your shower by installing natural stones like slate or limestone. These stones can easily elevate a boring, milquetoast shower area into an elegant and relaxing spa-like oasis. Showers with natural stone, however, still face issues that are common to all showers. At Stone Restoration Works, we want your natural stone to last a lifetime. To set you up for success, here are a few tips on how to properly maintain the stone in your shower.

Leave the Shower Dry

Many of the most common afflictions that come upon natural stone are due to prolonged exposure to water. You can avoid the headache that comes from this by simply making it a habit to wipe the shower area dry after every use. Incorporating this step into your routine will only take a few seconds, but it will save you so much time when it comes to cleaning and repairs later.

Clean Weekly

In order to prevent mildew, spots, and dulling from occurring, it is good to aim to clean your stone weekly. Remember to use non-acidic cleaners that are safe for stone use. Most household cleaners that are common for other areas of the home will be too harsh for your stone.

Combat Mildew with Bleach

Sometimes mold or mildew will still creep up. If you notice it in your shower, there is no need to worry! You can mix a simple solution of bleach and water together in a one-to-one ratio. Spray this all over your stoned areas and allow it to rest on the surface for 15 minutes. After this, you can gently rinse away with water.

Give Grout Attention

Of course, you want your natural stone to look as beautiful as can be, but do not neglect the grout in your efforts to do so. Oftentimes, when an area begins to look grimy it is because the grout does. To make sure that the entire shower area is in tip-top shape, be sure to regularly clean your grout as well. In addition to cleaning, applying a good waterproof sealer every so often will help to maintain a clean look.

Seal Your Stone

We mentioned the importance of sealing your grout above, but it is equally important to seal your stone as well. Especially in a shower setting, your stone is being exposed to water, soap, shampoo, and more. Applying a sealant will help to keep those elements from dulling and eroding your stone. A sealer will also be useful in blocking bacteria from settling into the pores of your stone.

Anything worth having requires a little effort, including gorgeous natural stone. With these tips, though, your shower stone will continue to look as good as the day it was installed for years to come! If you are looking for a more in-depth cleaning for your shower, be sure to give Stone Restoration Works a call. We have the expertise needed to effectively eliminate mold or mildew without damaging your precious stone. In addition, we can reseal and/or replace your grout if needed.

By Stone Restoration Works 8-6-2020