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Not Every Floor Needs to Be Refinished

Not Every Floor Needs to Be Refinished


Though the most common service we provide for our customers with dirty or worn natrual stone floors. Though this is often necessary to get gid of chemical etching and scratches a full resotration is not always the only solution.

The limestone floor pictured above was very well maintained. Even with a excellent maintenance program it still stored soils in grout joints and the micro pours of the stone.

For this floor we were able to use a heavy duty hard surface cleaner. We pretreated the tile and grout with a alkaline cleaner that was not only safe for the stone but also would not damage adjacent surfaces. After a short dwell time we abbigated the grout joints and tile face to break loose the soils.

We then used a special attachment that shoots 230 degree water through low pressure jets onto the floor then extracts the soils at the same time.

As can be seen the true color of the stone came back.

Once the floor was completely dry we treated the floor with a high grade penetrating sealer desiged for porous materials.

By Josh Huseby 6-19-2017