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Countertop Care Quick Tips

Countertop Care Quick Tips

So you now have a beutiful countertop. It was scratched and etched and now it is looking as good as the day it was installed. Here are a couple quick care tips that will help you keep the counters looking great.

1. Wipe up spills as quickley as possible. Allowing spills and moisture to sit on the surface will allow a build up a residue over time that will diminish the finish.

2. Use a neutral stone cleaner for regualr cleanings. I prefere a product called EasyOxy availableat

3. When you clean spray a fine mist of cleaner onto the surface then wipe the solution from the counter with a microfiber rag. Then use a clean microfiber to hand buff any streaking left by the cleaner. Those streaks can cuase a sticky builup over time.

4. Never clean with abrasive pads, especially if you ahve marble counters, because these pads can scratch the surface. If food is left to dry and is hard to remove from the surface wet a paper towel with EasyOxy and let it sit on the dry stuck food for 15minutes. The moisture should soften the food deposit making it easier to remove.

By Josh Huseby 5-22-2017

Do The Details Matter

Do The Details Matter

Marble floors come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most common surfaces we work on is called Crema Marfil. It is a tan marble with light tan veining. It is a straight forward surface for us to work on. However there are ways that a seemingly simple project can become complicated.

1. Decorative non-stone inserts - Some people will enhance the beauty of their floors by adding decorative tile inserts between tiles spaced 2-3 tiles apart. Now this does not alter the process of restoration but adds significant detail work for us. We have to cover the decorative pieces with tape prior to starting because the slurry produced by refinishing can damage some decorative tile types. Then between each step of the refinishing process we have to get on our hands and knees to refinish around the inserts by hand. This ensures that A) the imperfections are removed around the insert and B) the insert isn't inadvertently damaged by our larger floor machine

2. Decorative Granite Inserts - Like decorative man made inserts granite inserts pose a difficulty for many of the same reasons. We stay a distance away from them with the large floor machines so that the diamond abrasives we use to refinish the marble doesn't inadvertency scratch the granite. We often have to finish around each insert by hand between steps prior to polishing to make sure the granite isn't damaged but all of the marble is refinished.

3. Different Marble Type Inserts - Mixed medium marble floors are not as difficult as marble floors with non-marble inserts. That said when a dark marble such as Emperador Dark is inlaid in a light stone like Crema Marfil it requires the refinisher to be skilled because these surfaces can at times polish differently from the cream colored marble.

By Josh Huseby 5-10-2017