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Not Every Counter Gets a Polish

Not Every Counter Gets a Polish

The most common finish for marble countertops is the high gloss polished finish. When done correctly this finish yeilds high level details in the reflection. Trees, leaves and clouds can be seen in the reflection when looking through a window. Extreme details in the lighting fistures over head show up in the reflection as well.

But not every counter gets the high gloss treatement. One reason is that imperfections such as scratches and chemical etches often manifest as dull spots in the finish so when imperfections show up they are glaring. To combat this and to make the surface slightly easier to maintain we often leave tops with a honed finish. Any finish that is less than a high gloss polish can be considered a hone. That said we often offer two options. Matte and Satin. The matte finish is dull with little of no reflection when looking straight down on the surface. Regardless of the finish there is always some reflection when looking at it from an angle. A Satin finish, when looking straight down, will yeild minor details in lighting fixutres and the dull glow of a light source.

By Josh Huseby 7-14-2017