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Care Tip for February 2015

Care Tip for February

Cleaning: Throw the mop out with the bath water

There are any number of common questions that we answer for our customers both during the initial evaluation, during and after the project. The one that may be the most important is:

How do I keep it (the floor, the grout, the counter etc.) looking great after you are done?

The answer to that question is simple:

    1. Get rid of your mop. Wet mopping your floor is like bathing in a tub after your entire family has used it without refreshing the water. In the end you are “cleaning” yourself with dirty water. The same goes for your floor. Grout is a low spot on the floor and a natural collection point for soil. When you wet mop you are simply pushing soil across the floor and into your grout joints causing discoloration and staining. Soil is also mildly acidic so it will gradually degrade the finish of your natural stone by slowly and consistently etching the surface.
    2. Adopt a cleaning technique that pulls dirt off the surface. Dust mops with microfiber applicators are great for this. The microfiber attracts soil lifting it off the surface. Be prepared to use multiple applicators since using one applicator across the whole floor will similarly spread soiling rather than lifting it. For daily cleaning a dust mop can be used dry to remove dust and light soils. When heavy cleaning spray a stone safe cleaner directly on the surface then use the micro fiber mop to clean the surface one section at a time.
      1. This technique can be used on countertops as well using a microfiber towel instead of the mop.
      2. For showers spray the surface directly with the cleaner then use a microfiber towel to spread the cleaner across the surface until there is no more cleaning residue.
        1. Another important tool to utilize to keep your shower clean is a squeegee. Use a squeegee after each use to remove water from the surface of the tile.
      3. Use a stone safe cleaner. A stone safe cleaning is one that is close to neutral on the PH scale meaning it has a ph of 7. A cleaner that is that is too acidic will damage the finish on marble travertine and limestone and will contribute to grout degradation. We leave a care kit with all of our customers and the stone cleaner that is included is the best we have used. It is fortified with hydrogen peroxide and works wonders as a multi surface cleaner.

As always we are interested in what you think about Stone Restoration Works so please, don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us.

By Josh Huseby 8-5-2016

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