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Get the Look of Any Material with the Help of Tile

Get the Look of Any Material with the Help of Tile

Are you thinking about renovating your floors? If so, you will need to decide what type of flooring you want. You have several options, but marble is possibly the most luxurious of any option. The problem is that marble generally takes a big chunk of your budget. What would you say if you could recreate this look—and others—but without the high cost?

It is possible to imitate just about any style of flooring that you want. When you have the right tile, you can get highly creative. Here are some things you can do with tile flooring.

Achieve the Look of Marble

Realistic looking marble-style porcelain tiles can help you achieve the look of marble minus the price. And these tiles have edges that allow you to achieve a seamless look. This is possible because you can install marble-style porcelain tiles without grout (or with an exceedingly small amount of grout).

Wood Floors

Wood floors are attractive, but not suitable for all environments. For example, a wood floor is generally not a good idea for a wet room - such as a bathroom. But tile works great in the bathroom. A floor made of wood-style tiles will give you the hardwood floor look you desire. But you do not have to worry about tiles warping or turning rotten - like you would have to do with real wood.

Barn Planks

Some city folks like the farmhouse look. And barn plank floors are more popular than ever with people looking to create the homey feeling of a farmhouse.

The easiest way to achieve the look of barn wood is with wood plank tile flooring. It looks just like barn wood - minus the splinters. You will get the distressed wood look all with the help of simple to install tiles.


Brick is beautiful but it runs on the expensive side. And the mortar requires upkeep that you might not want to bother doing. Brick tiles offer an affordable option when you want a rustic stone look in your home.

Brick tiles are available in a variety of patterns and colors. These tiles give you the ability to achieve several different looks.

Modern Porcelain

There have been major advancements in the creation of porcelain tiles. It is possible to recreate just about any style of flooring using tiles. You can unleash your creativity and have fun creating your new floor.​

And if you ever find that your tiles are lacking in any way, give Stone Restoration Works a call! We are experts when it comes to cleaning and repairing tiles of all sorts.

By Stone Restoration Works 10-8-2020