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Removing Stains and Discoloration on Natural Stone

Removing Stains and Discoloration on Natural Stone

When it comes to natural stones the most common places that they are in the home is in the kitchen and bathrooms. These areas get the most use and this means that they are among the most at risk to develop stains from chemicals, food, drinks and pots and pans. Stone Restorations Works has seen it all. The first thing that you have to determine is if the surface is damaged or a stained. When it comes to natural stone, you can always tell what it is by the color. If the color is lighter than the stone, then it is surface damage and if the color is darker than the stone then it is a stain. Here at Stone Restoration Works we can help with both. However, if you’re trying to get a stain out then here are some helpful tips.

Once you have determined that it is an actual stain, you’ll be able to start. What happens when you get a stain is that the spill has seeped into the pores of the granite. The trick is that you now have to draw that spill up from the pores. For this you would need to buy or create a poultice. This allows you to pull up the deep stain that has traveled through the pores of the granite. There are many different poultices that you can make with common house hold products

When it is not a stain and there is surface damage that is when you need to call the professionals. However, we want to help you avoid the entire heartache of finding out you have a stain on your beautiful granite or marble. That is where Stone Restoration Works comes in. We can make sure that your granite and marble is protected yearly by getting it cleaned and putting a high-quality sealer on it. This will go a long way when it comes to preventative measures. It will also help you to not have to worry about when other people are in your kitchen because you know you’ve got it “covered”.

Stone Restoration Works can help you remove those stains that won’t come out and repair any surface damage that has been done. That’s not all the work we do though. We can help fix cracks and completely broken granite and marble pieces. If you need help getting your natural stone back into a beautiful condition, then call us today! We provide you with a free home estimate so that you know exactly what to expect.

By Stone Restoration Works 12-6-2018