Terrazzo Surface Services in Denver, CO

Stone Surface Services Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a unique surface originally invented by the Venetians 1500 years ago. It was created by chance when Venetian marble workers began setting discarded chips from slab marble in clay to surface the terraces around their own homes.

Today terrazzo is poured in place or precast and consists of either Portland cement or epoxy. Today terrazzo does not only consist of marble chips. The aggregate can be made of a large variety of materials such glass, marble, quartz, granite and more.

Terrazzo is treated much the same way as marble, travertine and limestone. It is often susceptible to acid etching and scratching.

Our process for restoring the beauty to terrazzo is going to mirror that of a marble floor. We are going to refinish the floor to remove scratches and etches and go through a grit progression to refine the floor and leave it with the desired finish.

We can also patch holes, repairs missing sections and replace the metal strips when needed.

Terrazzo is a unique surface that must be treated on a case by case basis according to the specific needs of the project.

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